Adobe Illustrator Basics

Adobe Illustrator Basics: Part 01

In this video I will be walking you through some of the basics in Adobe Illustrator starting from the very beginning when you first open the program. I will show you some of the different options you have for creating a document, how to set up your workspace with art boards, explaining some of the differences between RGB and CMYK, working with basic shapes, swatches and more. Over the course of the video series you will have most, if not all you need to know to get up and running in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator Basics: Part 02

In part 2 we will pick up where we left off as I continue to show you some of the Illustrator basics. This video will focus primarily on the Pen Tool, the Pathfinder, Blending Modes, Transparency, Gradients and more while also giving you some handy shortcuts and tricks along the way.

Adobe Illustrator Basics: Part 03

In part 3 of Adobe Illustrator Basics we will be looking at alternate methods for tracing with and without the Pen Tool. We will be using a photo as a base as I take you through many of the features of the auto trace function to get detailed and precise results. From there we will be separating pieces of our vectors using the lasso tool before we create unique patterns and variations of said patterns on multiple art boards.

Adobe Illustrator Basics: Part 04

In part 4 of Adobe Illustrator Basics we will be focusing on working with text. I will show you how to have more control over the kerning, letter spacing, and line spacing of your type so that you can fine tune your copy in Illustrator. From there we will be looking at creating some more interesting effects such as manipulating points to create interesting shapes, warping your text, using the offset feature, combining shapes and text using the pathfinder, and also how to add perspective to add depth and visual interest to flat text.

Adobe Illustrator Basics: Part 05

In part 5 of Adobe Illustrator Basics we will be taking a look at some of the art tools – specifically the brush, pencil, eraser, knife, and scissor tools. I will be showing you how to create your own brushes as well as how to load brushes that you have downloaded from an external source. Then, I will cover a few other useful tools such as the spiral and arc tools to show you how you can add some decorative flourishes and elements to your design work.

Adobe Illustrator Basics: Part 06

In part 6 we will be wrapping up and concluding the Adobe Illustrator Basics Video Series. We have covered most, if not all of the basics in the previous 5 videos, and in this lesson I will leave you with a look at a few intermediate/advanced techniques that you will now be ready to try out. We can now begin putting it all together and combining some of the different things we have covered such as combining the Envelope Distort with the Pen and Blend Tools, along with a quick look at the Gradient Mesh Tool. Then, to wrap things up I will show you how to create some 3D text and how to break it apart to create some cool and abstract shapes that can be used in your artwork.